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Spring in Wooden house

Author:admin  Source:未知  Published:2013-08-23 15:32

Wooden houses in the United States quite a long history, so far, it is still one of the main structure of choice. So why are people so wooden houses fancied it? In addition to beautiful wooden houses, comfortable, energy saving, environmental protection construction of short features, the structural characteristics of its own, fully in accordance with the requirements of individual design and construction. Thus, with the Chinese real estate market, the level of development and constant improvement of buildings, combined with various types of domestic industry, the advancement of the process of internationalization, wooden houses in the country is the general trend of development.

Now, in the brick, light steel and wood frame houses in selected homes, wooden houses is the buyers or renters the first choice.

First, the wooden structure of the short construction period, the cost of risk is small. The basis of wood structure housing the U.S. construction period takes about 14 days, some of the general structure of a 14-day, indoor and outdoor decoration in 62 days. The total duration of 90 days. Prefabricated parts such as roof trusses, floor trusses and wall construction in the infrastructure, while beginning the production, according to the company's production capacity and proficiency of workers, a 300 square meters of housing, roof trusses, floor trusses and walls can be within 48 hours completed. This feature brings to developers of the project operation period is short, less bank interest payments, reducing the financial pressure and reduce the risk of conditions conducive to market changes.


Second, the construction of wooden houses energy consumption is far below the other structures housing the energy consumption. Such as the construction process, the energy consumption of steel studs bone than the wood walls and high energy consumption 3.2 times the column. Energy-saving features built wooden structure will be fully reflected in the developer's return on investment costs.


Third, the structure used in wood parts and connectors are standardized production, reduce operating strength, the construction will significantly reduce the labor required. Therefore, the wooden structure also saves labor costs for developers.


Fourth, the cabin is not only high quality and timely service, a developer of a powerful selling point. Unlike brick wood house, another important aspect is that in many ways, there are strict international standards, on-site assembly is also often have professional team, the accuracy of product accuracy for the construction provides a premise. Because of the wooden houses have full confidence in the quality of accuracy, the general professional company can do in the main device 5-year warranty, brick structure generally does not exceed 3 years warranty.


In addition, although the construction costs alone from the point of view, if you want to achieve the same standards and electrical renovation and equipment configuration, the cost of wooden houses will be slightly higher than the masonry structure. However, as all wooden houses located in the wall or floor pipe inside, which can effectively increase the use of space, so that utilization as high as 85% to 90%. And domestic utilization of the existing brick or cement houses typically only 65% ​​to 70%, which can effectively increase the investment returns.

Believe that with the wooden structure and the corresponding supporting the introduction of design and acceptance specifications, coupled with the popularization of knowledge of wood, wooden villas will be more welcomed by everyone.
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