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Log house Culture

Culture of Chinese Wooden Structure

Wood structure buildings have a long history in China and occupy a very important position in Chinese buildings. Dating back to thousand years ago, the Wood Tower in Yingxian Shanxi Province, which is 66 meters high, is the oldest and tallest wooden structure building in the world. The Imperial Palace in Beijing has six hundred years of history, is the world's largest and most complete ancient building group. Chinese traditional residential building is still widely used nowadays, such as Wuzhen, one of the six famous ancient towns in South of the Yangtze River, has about 200000 square meters of buildings of Ming and Qing dynasty and among which are mainly brick and wood buildings. A secluded courtyard with beautiful carving, like a maze of corridors and hall, has a special roof on the top, which has a unique Buddism Godness Guanyin pocket and horse-head wall against fire and wind. There are special covered corridors (roofed street) as well.

Culture of Western Wooden Structure

Along with the development of human civilization, log cabin appears in every corner of the world. Those houses are so solid that they still remain after countless storms in the past. With developments, western-style wooden structure has formed three kinds of different structures: mortise and tenon joint type, frame type, block type. Houses of these three types most appear respectively in North America, Eastern Europe, and Northern Europe. Western-style wooden structure has already had the technology and art compromise. You will know from, for example, western-style wooden structure heat preservation and heat insulation performance, seismic performance, space layout, interior decoration. HKLong adheres to develop and fully display the essence of Chinese wooden structure and a mortise and tenon joint type Western-style wooden structure (Heavy Timber Structure), combining with modern aesthetics and the modern way of life, to create a healthy and comfortable living space for mankind.


Characteristics of Raw Material

Ecological Building Materials

The growth process, not only will not pollute the environment, but can improve the environment. Wood is a non-toxic, recyclable natural material. Compared with the brick, plastic or steel and other building materials, fossil fuel consumption are much less in the production process of logs. Carefully considering the environmental factors in all steps of design and production, HKLong makes full use of wood raw materials.
Considering atmospheric carbon balance, using wood as a construction material is the best solution. Wooden product has long life-cycle; production energy consumption is very small. More importantly, wooden products can be recyclable as an alternative to carbon emissions intensive product.

Energy-saving Life

HKLong log house offers you energy-saving living conditions. As an energy-saving building, the log wall of it has good thermal insulation performance, and the building itself from the foundation to the building top are using modern energy-saving structure solution.
In addition, we, during the construction stage, strictly comply with the construction norms, and strictly use building insulation and air tightness treatments; which significantly enhances the energy saving effect of our HKLong log structure.

A health life from generation to generation

The HKlong company's log building material is the fine-grained spruce from cold north Europe.Wood construction give us clean air and healthy living environment for indoor area, Such heavy timber structure of the building materials can balance the indoor temperature and humidity,Keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter, it is also a fire-retardant building material.
There are thousands of years to use the wood construction in northern Europe.For example, in Finland, the oldest log building can be traced back several hundred years ago, which fully proved the durability of the wood and its rich cultural connotations.The proper protection of timber in use, the building will be passed on from generation to generation, and even the timber wall can be reused many times.


Structure of Hklong log house

The log building structure is characterized by the material characteristics in our company,we are devoting to developing and sublimating the building structure solutions,and to pursuit of the integration of traditional architectural features and modern scientific and technological achievements.For example, through technology cooperation with Finland kontio ,HKlong cmpany's unique wood wall system, floor system, window system, the roof structure system,it gained excellent results in market.
The durability of the wood structure and wood plasticity is very prominent,it can show the owner's unique personality when design a villa,and also give designers a flexible space to play.The wooden villa of HKlong company meet the design requirements of consumers,at the same time,it pay attention to the quality, durability and energy efficiency.
The HKlong company's new production line (computer design software, automated production) can produce many different types of joints,For example, the timber wall is not only use the right-angle connector, but also use a bevel joints, as well as the modern side angle and dovetail corner joints.The appearance of the building is more unique.


Tightness wooden structure,rugged durability and breathability

Upon completion of the architectural , cutting logs is in the factory.It is usually processed in accordance with the architectural drawings, the cutting accuracy to the millimeter, ensure that all types of building components is accurate and complete.
We are fully understand that the natural properties of wood is a great challenge in the log buildings.The HKlong company is experienced and professional to provide wood building products company.The followings should be considered in the wooden buildings:

Durability – The log building has a seismic performance

The structure of timber wall is stable and it has good strength properties,based on this characteristics,each block of the timber wall has a good compressive strength and resistance to complete the construction settlement.The wooden construction can also fight against the earthquake.

The effect on wood telescopic in the structure

As time goes by,each block will be a few millimeters range contraction,resulting that the whole building will be sink in a few centimeters .We give full consideration to the natural sedimentation characteristics of the wood frame construction.For example, at the junction between wall and roof,it can be use tongue side panels to retain the appropriate gap,So that the wall is natural and orderly settlement.
Stretching and deformation of the timber is not prevented,by using the different cut lumber as well as drying technology in wood production .It can reduce the timber later changes.In addition , two or more pieces of wood lath lamination can also reduce timber deformation.Such as glue heavy lumber deformation to be significantly less, it will also increase the wall strength.

Energy-saving efficiency of tightness

The log walls are breathing wall.The timber walls can breathe, so it does not affect the wall sealing , it could also balance the indoor air humidity and temperature. Full and correct between the layers of logs, corners and interface sealing materials can ensure the tightness of the wall.

Moisture and thermal insulation properties

The timber wall can balance the ambient humidity changes, and this hygroscopic properties will not affect the tightness of the wall itself.In other words, because the wood through drying process, a small range of moisture and water will not be have any impact on building strength . We suggested that the surface treatment should be used outside the building surface,so it can form layer of breathable protective on the surface.The timber wall insulation effect depends on wall thickness:the thicker wall the better insulation .If you would like to improve the effect of wall insulation, further reducing energy consumption, you can use insulation materials in the internal or external wall .


Areas of application


Log house type




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